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Access funding and protect your innovation

Intellectual property seems daunting and expensive. You know you need it, but you just don’t know where to start.

With OwnershIP by Innovation Factory, you will receive support, guidance and legal services to protect your business’ intellectual property. You’ll be equipped to develop your IP strategy, unlock funding opportunities and be geared up to scale your business.

Apply to OwnershIP and access grants, legal services and in-kind resources to jump-start your IP strategy.

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IP is more important than ever

Did you know that companies who have a documented IP strategy intellectual property and developed their IP are more likely to scale their business, reach new markets, and secure funding and investment?!

In our increasingly international business environment, protecting your innovation with intellectual property is more important than ever before. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or you are just getting started, knowing how to protect your business from competitive threats are essential.

OwnershIP by Innovation Factory will help you uncover what you need to protect and how you go about securing your intellectual property.

What is OwnershIP?

OwnershIP is a free intellectual property (IP) program designed to help you develop, refine and implement a robust IP strategy that meets your business growth goals. 

OwnershIP breaks down barriers to understanding and securing your IP and navigating the federal and provincial IP program landscape. You can leverage up to $40,000 in funding and resources, designed to identify and bridge IP gaps and safeguard your business today for the future.

Unlock the power of your intellectual property

Innovation Factory’s OwnershIP Program supports the development of your IP strategy through virtual education, free legal consultants, and custom designed course work through our IP Playbook, GAP Analysis, GAP-to-Risk-Scorecard, and Strategic Action Plan. We will then develop a personal IP roadmap with you, and guide you through federal and provincial IP program landscape to ensure the best resources are available to you and your business.

OwnershIP by Innovation Factory. Two entrepreneurs looking over intellectual property and legal documents on their desk as they have a discussion.

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If you operate an innovative small to medium-sized business in Canada, we can help you build your assets and take your business to the next level.